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New Re gulatlons
by yarn yarn.
n my last nrtlele (wntten In rnslalled. when syslern. dcugncd for haw ean lhey pbssrbly enhanee prpehne
Isevtemberlr l mentioned very law pressures (about 0.5 psrg) are salely7
cxpln~'lon~ ln Massaelnrsells From er seal to re.-sure aralers or a ln her
Ihn Nallonal Transponatmn Safety ,,.:;,,..,dC 25””, be WE), Vm, bid l-Wk tot Al’l Rl’ 1173 Ptpellne

lanard (NTSB) web srle "On seplernber lhrngs happen. It appcam Lhallhrs may 5“‘“Y M“"“3“"‘““‘ 5Y‘‘‘"‘’ “’ b“

13, 2013, abnal 4 p.m easlern dayllghl have been what aeearreal. ‘“‘'"P‘’‘“‘““‘ by ‘“‘°’“““ ’°"““‘ '““‘“
me, an aver-pressure of a luw- lhe" lei"-

Pxmm mm“, W dmnbumm There wcm many rnalrvraaal. rnynlverl Ev um um you mad um PHMSA3
syslern octurrcd rn lhe City of Lawrenee I“ the elealgn and Implementation of cm ,,,PE,m Admmy Commmm
and lhe lawns ofAndovcx and North the Plpelme replacement Pwleet The (GPAC) W,“ hm Completed amp“
Andovex ln Mas.-aehnsell. lhal N753 Wlll ~Ift thmugh them all and ‘hm, days up hmmg. mgmmg
resalleal rn flms or cxpluuons at aver no {hay mlgntlly lndwmhmls who were Pmpwd clung” to gas Pwehm, um},
Inc2|l|on~'." The mvcstlgauon rs Dngmng, sh-lty of ad» or nmm-en» that mgulmiom ‘hat mgmmd m AWN
On November 14, 2018, NTSB rs-sued an °°“‘“l"“°d Th“ “"“‘ ““"‘“‘°“"' 2011. Maybe pr1rl~ ui lhe final rule
urgent Safety Reeemmenelntmn Report l’°“"“’ “"1 l”°“°d‘"“‘ ‘l‘‘‘‘ ‘°‘‘” “W” wlll be pablrsherl m 2019. sarnelrrnes
(SW) By ‘hm mm mfmmmm ‘W and should have been followed olher mm» mm A LONG mm

available ”Tl\c syslem overpressure Pmeedum were followed

damaged 131 ,.t,mm,, ,,,d,,d,,,g fl‘ Em, mp,“ bmefium u mm Untll next tlmc, remember tlmllt rs
least five harm that were destmyeel enrnprehenrl anyane mvolvnd wanllng "‘“““ b“““‘ “E b“ “ M“ ‘W “‘““‘“‘

in the my of Lawrence and the town» lhrngs lrke t1u~ to happen an then ‘h““ ‘° “°‘ ‘l“"“ b‘ ‘““‘“‘ ‘“°“5}"

of Andover and North Ar-elever Most walrh — no matter lherr 1016!, very bad If snrnellnng rlaes nal seem nghl, SAY
of the damage was a resnll of ~tzuctum ,h,,,E, happened 0, DO wmcd,mg_, .

lrres Ignlled by gas-funlzd applranees.

smml ,.,,,,m,m,. Wm dmmynd by What does |t all mean? Humans are not

natural gas explosrnns. one pnrwn Petleel We Al-l~_ make mlstflkes» MW /elm llzcabl l'cIm'l1]mm PHMSA.

was krllerl and at leasl 21 rnalrvmluals, ml~tel<e»~ (ewe httle harm» Whetevet For qllcsfllms Dr eammrms, marl
mcludlng rwb firefighters, were "llelekee ‘We made (W1 the“ “W1 '0 jjlzcpbllvll sbrglalml rm

lranspbnerl [O lhe hnsprlal. seven olhcr have been many) added up to a hernl>le

llrenghlers reeeweal mlnur rnnrnes." outcome-

why are llns happen’ How ean umilar The NTSB will Probably finhh ll» leper! E H
mm. be Pmemd m the mum? T1,“: snrnelrrne next year. NTSB wlll ldenllfy E E
puxpom of Lhl: NTSB lnveatlgntlun .. to numm-w eentnbutlnz tartar» and Wm E E 3 “EH
mwcr mm, two qmuom ;\ numl£mu~ Eetcummelnilalluna. g 

ew Itlnzaacwzualons _

In my Dplmon, Lhe shorl answer rs W,” aI1J,,:,,, [e,m,n1)),b§PmPMd 9, 9 4 2 5 3 1 5 7 5
human erwn Cast Iron PlP° we» being and enaeleal. Wlll prpelines be any #1’ 3 5 1 3 9 ' 7 4 5 2
revlaeed wlth modern, relmble l>la~'I-e salerv Ihopc so. T1mlaald,l[thcllew '5 -

Plpe- There la ~peeulatwn that the mgulauons am so tumplzx that they ean 2' 7 5 E ‘ 2 6 ‘ 3 5
emtmlz Pre~-he set-~vr~' were left tn be understood only by rnrlryrrlaals with 4° 
Plate on the old we and the new we years bl lralnmg or by lhe lndlvlduah B

an not havn .-.m.lar pmsiun: mnson , . « HHHHII

» ~ » » w 10 erealeal Ihcm ln lhe [Int place,

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