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Can’t get a good ground? N ow what? Hy Steve Benzie
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fa yawspettfirsttuatwrt. [Alarm howho morn than glad Iahelp Wu get u rzghr Pnhlzshcr
nyono who ho. boon oohlo unvol to the ond of the onblo. It may bo The ‘muted ond., ohhough poiaxbly
loooung for any nmo mu am you need n device that ho. even a m~uIa|n:d, w|ll hovo some oopoononoo
be quick to pcunl out a higher fxnquency that you typically use atmsa the jmnt. Uung low hoquoncy
row uaniul facts that hcl to holp you on tlua ono Typmal locale . o dcmctm tncllm uza does not
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to locals a ooblo or pipe. Tho.o may rnoquonoo. tend to bo .n Lhe mngo of get 2| good ugnol path but switching
mcludn 512Hz to 3ZkHz. These frv:quen:|£~' to -1B0kHz allows the ugnon to u.-e Lhc
nffcr good signal |o nooo1ooouo.- where ca acnancc of the mm to um om the

' “WW "Y ‘° “C “ '°‘“' “‘“9“*‘“‘Y good gxoundmg .. pmannl Hovo you myuhuod .-oouon ‘ I P

- Makc .-uno the hno has good considered uung¢ m do A ‘Md of mm“ _ M M hm

‘°““““">' “"5" °‘ “MHZ ‘°' ‘’°‘" g’°““d'“5 «oon (11: us: U[1'1l§i'1 hoouonom such
_ I ‘ I , . , . . .
- Mnko ~umIh.1lbnIh cndi am well ”' '" '°"’ 4B0kHz can be bononoul In many
gmundcd flu \‘v1I();‘:§Ell<—lHzL;‘ wou L}{e oxlxmvjolz .3 o}uoums¢o:oos, budt lil'<Jc adll gooddlhlngs
. in a z o ugno w| oo . em .5 a ownu e. n czslan mg
W“ “M 3'“ "Wk" " 5”“ 5"’““d on" Lhe ooblo duo 10 thus dombutod ¢ho.o hmnnnon. can still allow the
<°"m°"°" oopoouonoo of the ooblo to ground uazr Io appmrmlc the bonom oflugh

Ty,“ am in good ,.,,ggE,.,,o,,,, bu, whom no nood to go mm oxplonouon. hoouonoy lotatn ¢ono.- Tho two mam
We kmw ma, me ,, “O, aywm W nliv{l12|;IhI~l1~, but auffIc2L;‘l In ~'.1y— am

.» . f v,

jimvlfi Takjr f°;;n~|ani: 1;‘? (gird ;Ef\:;:cl)‘dP: iffit‘ 1) If them are any uulmei ncarby, then:
‘“85°‘“°“ "‘“ “"“ ‘ =" ‘ M‘ .. n d.1ng2rlhz|lLhc"bln:cd off" effect
well grounded.” Muny cabins mu ungmunded rablcs beta-M the cm am mu“ m a "blend my mm
not bo grounded at the far ond (or the cavacxfirn crliales ahwrl of I?5°“d° S0 mmmné .1 gm (“mm ‘mdiné


n ow requnncymgna uca o ono.n m. I H . H I 1
those clrcumatantcs can be fruxllzai and ~'o mmpletca the C-mm back to the Zgfll d'"f: 
For example, .-hon Ielcphone dmps to a Ear-~m-ttnr lismz If 4B0kHz "gods ;|gM,~ W t’fl‘mml’1Dming tflmqm
pz2m|.~£ w|ll probably not bo grounded, “IN detnct um ~ on, ur-can ed l h )1 d f h I
put ondod oobno. that hnvo boon cable drop» ““ ‘ P "“ ““" V‘ “ ‘°"°“ °“°‘
mnninatad bncausn: they are no longer M ,5 not me End 0, the WV M. 2) A» the ~:gnaIw-II"b1e2d off" over the
rcquimd or bztauac they hovo boon laxd “MHZ can also be a gm‘ mp m 2}:-ttrv lcr-lstlufini the 711:1:-, Ll-:1 d-~tl:lr-ce
in zmhcxpallon nibemg used latzrarc dcmmg om, mm,“ p,PE,,,,m I = sngna my tlrafetha M131 vfral =
nbo not lukcly to bo grounded Many of mm Wdflm Wm have zrtplpc M ‘ o :1 hon 11;: o ale:
If tlmm .. no round or the zoundm ma-Ilated Io-mm This elwncal q”""" "5"" ’ °“ ° "° °

3 ’ g E msulauon ma be 1 n:~uIl of coxmdm “W “"8 ‘W’ ““‘I“°"‘Y ‘°““‘“ ‘°"°’
‘° ""°" "‘“"‘“g “ 5°“? F"E’““d ’ Y ‘ 5 u always best where good gxound. am
oonnoonon at the apphczluun pom! and 1mm» and mm and bum, or because do mm .
d,eCk,,,g fa, c,_,,,,,m,,ty ,, “O, smug icalmg malenal uscd (0 pm the p|p£~ P
to 11I:Ip mattnm o. ohm o nowhere can create an Imulamd J‘-“N Either wax I/you have qutanuns ur oonnooms nhnuz
f,,, M “gm, ,0 ,,_,,,d ,0 ,, mm is no (Ina .5 bad ncw~ for .o.noono trying mo article ur rtlafcd Iupus, /ool /roo to
ground at the far ond. wo ahould use n to dclect the pom-on of Ihc P|PEl“'i‘- comm szm m‘: 5zooo.hon;.'o«'u v)
different tncllmquc Io gnl thc .agno1 to Cavml-ve EH20» help hm‘ aha»
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