Page 9 - Damage Prevention Journal 2019 Issue 1
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Trust your senses.
Outside or in, detecting a natural gas leak is easy.
To help you SMELL a leak from a gas line or
ยง appliance, a familiar odor like rotten eggs is
'3 often added to natural gas.
@ A leaking pipeline might also make
9 a hissing sound you can HEAR.
0 Or you might see blowing dirt, bubbling
water or an unusual area of dead vegetation.
Suspect a natural gas leak? ' *
First move your leetl Then call 4โ€˜ , )
when you are down the street. .
-. .

Also remember to call OHIOS11

by dialing 811 at least 48 hours โ€™ _ _

before digging on your properly. 9 Dominion

And if you suspect a gas leak โ€” walk 1 Energy.

away, right away. Once clear of the

area, call Dominion Energy Ohio at

1.577.542.2530. For more information, Learn more at dominianenargy.eom,
visit keywords Natural Gas safety.

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