Page 11 - Damage Prevention Journal 2019 Issue 2
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WIN THE #GllllSIf|lC‘|IllI'lIllfl8ISC|lIIIIG|IflG
Pafllfllllflllllfl IS SIIIIBI easy!

1. Recall a brief video (If yourself and/at a group of your friends at ernplogees creating your
version of a Construction Angel! The more creative your angels, the better! You can make gnur
angel In the anaw. in the hand at the beach, in the dirt or mud an the canetruetian lite, or even in
the grllnl Do in however and wherever you?! like! In the video, be sun In introduce yourself and
mention who nhnllenged you.

1. Make a donation (you choose the amount) in Construction Angel:

5. Pan the video ta elreial media with the eCanttruetlanAngelaChallenge hiuhlag. and tag three or
more peaple or nrganizatiuns who gnu challenge to take the ICuns!!!lclionAng:I$Chulltngc.

4. When you tag ylmr peaple or arganizatiana tell thern they have 7 day: to put their lrerrlnn hf a
Construction Angel and match your donation (tell then: the amount) at
www.con.ttrucHlJnlIngzI.t.u:. If they do not rneet the 7-day challenge. then ask thern ta double
gaur danation to Construction Angels.

5. The people and/er organization: you ehnllenge will then challenge others and the fun tantinuetl

Construction Angel: is e ;ae(c); nan-prnfil atganintlan that pmlelee itnntellate attlstante enel
grief eauneellng to the children (19 or younger) and spam left behind when a construction worker
has afatality on the jab rite. We need the support a] caring people and urganizatione like gun ta
help there fnlniliu. We llmk forward to reeing yourfun and creative Canstruetiun Angeli!

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