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A word or ruuuon. Be uware that there
may he huned unlrue.- neurhv when
rn.erttng the ground otakn into the
‘ ground
the earth is not accessible.
T  [5 Creating good grounding where
E _.. . ._ .. .. ..-= ~ -~ ~, - -== l|’~ not alwayo po.-.-role to Insert n
IE}: Ell’: ll . - - » - - ll §§"§§ 5-r§ 5§u.
l= :=lu= ll 2: mo .rr:=-." -5 9 5:: ".4 5 id ‘&£‘ 5 5 #15’ 3'0"“ wk“ "“° “W £<"“"'<‘t ~° W=
hnve to he mun: mvunllvc. l=or lnslancflr
sr stm we-use eonnerung the ground wrre to manhole
~ . - (, - . , - - . - G eover surround run he very eneruve.
mood $10‘-mdmt; to nmpwxc unnry Iommnn  thc area on a 
brush find to ensure n good eonneeuon.
nu-oduction Tip You run also me other rnetnllre
. t to .- h d th « d l
l remember when l wr1~ fink The groundrng h moat cffncuvu when ‘ _"“ d’°‘ “"° b‘“ b‘ g’°f;“l ““ ‘
hx Lh _ Em Mm asma .tgn.ete ut eenre u not to
rntrodueed to the world oiullllty I z ear -~ rump-1 L mun (puma “mum, that mm mm

loenttng .-orne 35yer1r~' ngo. l wn.- told earth ataku <0 W1-m you P-hh the mnh a ,0“ m’1du(m Fmmm [C ‘I

that to get a good loeute signal you atakn rnto the ground, rnuke ~um It I. ms U“ to m;mm to a Emmi"
mu .9 ugcr ,, gm; Emundltt 1. many goe. stralgllt mm the enrth wtthout nny ‘mung flfmm m ‘M h m mm a
dldn't mean nnytlung to me and did aide to sldz‘ nrovernenl The deeper you km mam” 11"“ the ‘(film .1 ml
,,,_,rl.;,,g .9 help mmmn rlm ,,.y,,,,c, D; pu~h ll rnto the ground the better, n. the 5 ‘ F4 _

. ,, wlll not to hrtrh u nde. The rnoull r.
"gmllndmg Hopefully the tollowrng ground lends to he more eornpnrt, nnd _ _
a .trong ngnnl rndtaung from the
urtrrle enn help elunty the eoneept.. alau rnonter, whteh hclp~ eonneeuvrty mm“ 5“ Ma V ‘mm mm“
to the ground. In extreme :as'L‘~ ll~ 5 ‘Y‘ > 5

FM *° undemand Sm“"d'“s W° worth wetung the area around the enrth lndependont Grounding

md to ur-dmt-md where ~'-smb otakn llenvert to the render to deerde U d d d 11

comc from. Deteetnhle eleetrornagneue Whm but to EC, Wm,‘ >12 an In even cm gmun W m
algnals are erented whenever we _ 4 _ rnuluple uuhty lmcs may he honded
have on eleetr-teal rurrent fluwlng |n n Posluomng the ground stake. together. A rypreal example ol lhh‘ to
eonduetor Now, for the rurrent to slow The puma“ 0‘ ‘he gwund mm mm when nnapptng out rnuluple cables

In a uulrty we need n eonrplete etreurt afimmu1hT1‘e mm is ‘D have the rudratrng horn an unused low voltage
tronr n lranomlller, along the utlllty, and . |ransi0zmEr nthstuuon. There D n

slgnal travel along the ullllly wrthout
then hnrk to the trnnnnttter temptuuon to ronneet the ground wtre
“V ‘“‘‘'’f‘’““‘“ ‘"’"‘ ‘}‘“ “"5"” [mm the tnn~m|ttcr to the ~'tnl|Dn

There nre a lew waya to safnly eonnert mmmmg thm-Itch tlm an-“Ind T0 ground Aft” am am h a my good

to the rahle hut that r. nnother aublzct. nunrnuze the cffncts of the ground mm and would Mm m km of
5““‘“° “’ “Y W“ m“ ‘°“"°“‘ ”“‘ °“““““ “ “"““ “’ ""“" ”‘“ °‘“”‘ i 1] However the Ltatton round wtll
lransmlllcr to the uulity. However, aim at far away ‘mm Hm uhl-ty ’bf'C‘m’mmd to 'a,, ‘ht (“bk immdg.
typrrully, there b no return eahle. so we as pmolblu. Fur duo ren.on, most M‘ Pmbflbly the main" “mum
must ereate our own return pnth back rnnnutaeturen reeornrnend plaerng Wm" the bum“ Th“ allow ms

to the lranamlttzr. we do (hls by uamg «hr ground mks l><'rp=r-d|cular '0 L}-C gig“, [0 mm to im ,,;mmm’L,,

the enrth. ullllty und n.- far away as‘ po..thle. . V

ulong rnuluple palho rreaung n \ ery
The signal lravcl~ nlong the uuhty Thus Is a good olanlng potnt, however, cuniuung lorale altuallon. ln Ihls en.e
maung a Mg“; WC an 1mm 1,... the other tnlluenee. should he consldcmd. it |S rnueh better to use an rndependent
returntng .-tgnnl uses‘ the ground as a For uxamplc, plnetng the ground ground olakn po.-rttoned well away
eonduetor haek to the lmnomlttu The stakn clmc to other uulrty lmzo will from the substation. If necemary, u~t:
return current. dislnbulc thern.elve.- enrournge the return ngnnl to hrtrh an ertennon enhle to extend the enrth
throughout the ground ~o they hnve a nde on these ulllllmo. The result eonneruon to u .urtnhle groundrng ~lle.
"‘““‘““‘ ““°.‘‘ °" ”‘° "$""‘ ‘“d‘““"$ °““ b“. ‘hm ”‘° ’°‘“’“ 5'5"“! b°“""‘°’ Note: As n rule, If the euhle. are, or mt1V
from the utrlrtv. ln the en.-e of mam algnlficant enough to erente another . —
— he lrve, do not use n dlmcl eonneeuon

cablno, the tar end ground |S ereuted signal whreh can he eontunng for the .

b V h _ U i h H Th 1) mm 50 ‘i ‘hc mm of mm unlu» you hnve the rorreet equtprnent

> ' “ ‘“‘‘“ “ ° ‘ C C“ E C P ' "°’ uud hnve heen oullably trarned For lrve
Imnsmlllcr end r. usually erented by uttltue. t.- known, keep the ground ab!“ 1 fl ml dam muld be Nd
the operator. A metulhe eurth stake, otnke well nway tront them. ‘ *' ‘ 5 ‘ P *
_ H 1 _ 1 D _ 1 h wlueh 13 another topre.
u~ua y 2» (Ian .3rn tn engt ,t. Am mmmbm dm am gmund
Inserted rnto the ground nnd the black Knowrng whnt algnal |s herng
. eonnertton lend wlll have the return
leud rrorn the tmnamlttnr r. eonneeted tron.-nutted from the lranomlllcx la
slgnal and run he eontu.ed wtth the
to rt. u good rndteuuon of how good the
slgnal trorn the ullllty. Keeptng the mundm N '
euble per-pendteulur wtll help reduce 5 5 ‘
the etteeta of Lhls
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