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' ' I the damage prcxcnuull Induatry rL*me1m~
dcdxcalcd to protecting ohtux C1 [Izcn~
I In Bennett fit during thubtuy ~L~a~un

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Lmudimum 7 “Dian ‘mm "" The \'0Iun1c()fuxca\.t1[Iun activity In DhI()]1fl\
W___MM , been ~tu:\d1I_v1ncrL~.1~IngIn rc:cnXyuar~ and 2019
W L,” WP‘  15 looking to be no dmetent we have expeneueed

-" unpteeedented lc\.'cl~ uf cxc:\\'t1lmn acnvxty
thmugh(>ult11c atatc and :15 0! the end of October, DHIDMI hm mccncd
I IN“ mums even 2 nullmn mconung nnufimtmn rcqIIc~l~, which u u 4 41:7 Illtrcuw

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A,nmd1n;mvx — \\<:~h,m Ulnn Evan wnh the flurry uf nckut vulunma, It ht1.~ not ~l0\\’L‘d down our cffurb
1‘H—Z'vZ—‘1<lI 4 LCH to euntume educating the pubhc ahuut the mputtuuee nr nomymg u.
mqvnlw prlortoany excavation :\cKIvIlvtt1kIng place Thx~ Ixsuu ut the Journal 1'\e1\

~c\.cre1l amclcx about thew chart.» and much more
I mm “mm once again, I would lxkc In takc the uppornlmty to thank an of the
mm M‘ mnw V H W ‘ t1d\'L~r[I~ur\, min and pnttnen whn ~upp()rXand pteduee Ihe Damngc
‘r ’ H ' Pruvuntlon Imlrlml, 21> wall a~ our xtuthlul rundcra, V/v"7()>L‘ puunxc

f—;::"j{‘j‘;“;;‘\1 h‘1“"*““ ‘“’ mcdbdck tn nut cff:\rt~I~1nIICh apprcnalcd

in nun ‘uupw VH1," on behalf tn the «AK and managumcnt of the Ohm utthne. Pmteetum

Service, I would hke tu wlxh C\'L1y0nC a win and happy huhday ~ea.un

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