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Cxcilvlilors who nre iislng whiie lining.
‘NW5 M cxmvm" ‘O Supplcnmn‘ even ln silunlions when llie pneliee ls
rlieir underground iirilliy leeiiie reqiiesl * * 3 *
w iih field mnrklrlgs ro riirllier elnrirv “°‘ "““"°“ by 1"’ Mm "‘”“‘°"
. . Vx \\ * . ore rccognlzlng ihnr prc—mm/klng lheir
rlie exiiel loeniion. eeiirse or orlier _ ‘_ ‘ fi H . f F d
lnrorrnnrion nbolil rlieir pnneel. From ’ “"°“"" ‘°“ " ‘“ "5" S ‘“ ‘*5 f‘.f‘“
zi llrillly IocAlor's perspeelivc. wliire ”'°“ °°"‘Pm° "MW "“'k‘"g"’
lining. when used in Conjuntllon \\ ‘ 2-» "Our renni of 5 linisons eever nll
wiih rlie inlorrnnlien provided on ilie ‘ xx eoliniies ln Ohlo, nnd our goal ls
rielrei. niiiy Chnllndlc ihe loenling of lo prernore nwnreness nnd provide
undcrgmund lneilines ihor Arc nor irnlnlng nbooi ilie dninnge prevenllon
lnvelved in ihe proposed exenviilion pmccss neross llie slnie ln 2019,
nreii and reduce iinneeessnry polnr ollloxll dellvered rnore rlinn sou
ninrlrings on our srreers. roiids nnd eirenviiler sennnnrs. solely inlks,
sidewalks. irnlnlng progriinis nnd orlier ooireneli
“WhilC llnlng cm be n voliuble pleee oi speeifie reqiiirenienls ooillnlng °"°“1‘:‘:3““‘;‘_‘“3 ’“‘°" ‘h‘“". 11000
rlie snle dlgging puzzle, benellllng born when on CxCli\\’AllI)n rnosl lie wliire F[’)““P ‘ g P“ ";“"P“’ ‘(SW “ 1'? 
CxCli\\’Al0l‘S nnd iiriliiies.“ neeordlng lo lined nnd ideniilying cxccpuons io U:‘i’1“““3:,“;:‘fl°:‘“‘::‘“,  
Chuck Green. A Pulille Awareness and rlie requlremenl were odded ie oliio m ‘V d g I ‘E d P "d ‘
serviees coerdinnier wirli ullloxl I Revlsed Code seellons 3781.29(D) and F£2‘::xn::z';;‘z;:;’:“in;3hgfrddc
SXHCC 2007. "WhC(hCrAn emvnlor (F) in 2013. --lrs renlly irnperlnni lliiil \\ , *
siiliniirs rlieir leeiile reqiiesi rliroiigli cvcryonc onderslnnd wlinl ls neninlly “"dP“°I:‘.‘:‘I“‘°“3“°“‘ “‘°X1°j"
ollloxl lie enline lDlg orenig required in lhe law sllonriens when N“: (‘)‘H‘I;;‘;1 if  mtfmd
progrnihs or eolls ln 2 Hckcl rhreiigh exenvnlors, urilily owners or loeniers are E‘ ' n  ’ V I: f f
our eiisierner serviee represeniniives. Corlfilscd nbooi prmnliirking prdcllccs V “"Y °P|’°b ““‘‘‘K ‘‘° E“ H“ ‘““°‘f’f".
we encourage iliein (0 provide as niiieli provide greiii opporliinilles I0 lnellirnre ‘“"“‘“°“ “ °“ ° "“P° “"“° ° *‘ °
_ g g . ‘ digging and help people exenviire sorely
dernll is posslble.1helr deseripllon iindersinndlng nnd lesrereeoperiiiion d b _d In V..
oi lhe exenvorion oren ls llie mosl h """“ ‘“"‘ ” ‘ ‘ ‘°‘’ 5
lmpormnl pieee ol inlorrnnnen used y
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