Ohio’s Second Damage Prevention Summit Promotes Working Together, Communication

Damage prevention professionals gathered last September for the first Ohio Damage Prevention Summit. The purpose of the Summit was to bring people together to learn, network and conduct a productive discussion in an environment that would foster relationship building. Stakeholders from various industries came together to find answers to tough questions through open communication and participation.

The first Summit featured three days of educational workshops, presentations and events meant to get everyone working together and talking about the future of damage prevention initiatives. Attendees from utilities had the chance to interact with municipal leaders, excavators, one-call professionals and locators to talk about hot topics such as the Marcellus and Utica Shale projects, the process of successfully changing the state’s one-call law, a contractor’s perspective to damage prevention and address data collection in the field. Officials from Pipeline Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, Homeland Security and Emergency Management also made presentations.

“With the Summit, we wanted to look at broader issues and create conversations,” said Roger Lipscomb, executive director of Ohio Utilities Protection Service (O.U.P.S.). “The topic of Marcellus and Utica Shale projects is a question on everyone’s mind and we hope to be able to provide even more information at this upcoming Summit, not on the technology but on keeping people safe around it.”

Lipscomb said the Summit is for anyone interested in keeping Ohio a safer place to live and work. The second Ohio Damage Prevention Summit will take place on April 2-4 in Columbus. Gas and pipeline representatives, professional excavators and locators, electric company personnel, communications representatives and municipal employees are encouraged to attend.

The event registration covers all meals, sessions and demonstrations associated with the Summit. For an extra fee, attendees may choose to participate in additional workshops on the opening Monday including Competent Person Training and Utility Locator Training. In addition to learning more about trends, initiatives and activities within the damage prevention industry, the Summit provides a unique opportunity for all industry stakeholders to come together to promote excavation safety and public safety.

Keynote speakers offer opportunities to learn about how others are creating effective damage prevention programs in Ohio and nationwide. There is no simple, clear-cut solution to preventing damages to underground infrastructure, but through learning environments, such as those created at the Summit, damage prevention professionals can talk about options. Partnerships are one key to finding answers. These partnerships can be developed and fostered at the Summit.

Don’t miss Ohio’s premier damage prevention event. It is not only about learning about the industry, but about building relationships, promoting a better understanding from different perspectives and gaining insight into how new technology and new ways of thinking can keep Ohio moving forward.

At the last Summit, former Super Bowl champion and keynote speaker Keith Jackson shared that damage prevention was not about today, but about tomorrow. Many within the damage prevention industry understand where we are right now, but we all need to focus more on learning about where we need to be tomorrow and how we get there. To do this, we must create channels of open communication, foster mutual respect and understanding and look at solutions from various perspectives.

Join us for the Ohio Damage Prevention Summit April 2-4 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center to learn more about how you can be a part of the damage prevention world of tomorrow. Companies and organizations can also be a part of building a better tomorrow in damage prevention as a sponsor of the event. Sponsorship opportunities offer a range of marketing and promotional benefits and allow for networking with hundreds of stakeholders. To register or review sponsorship opportunities, go to http://ohio.damagepreventionsummit.com.